Alek Shnayder

Chicago-based Full Stack JavaScript Developer with emphasis on Mongo, Express, React and Node.

Recently completed the Northwestern six-month full-stack web development certificate program.



Node.js, Express, React, MongoDB, Mongoose, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sequelize ORM, jQuery, JavaScript ES6, HTML/CSS, Helmet, Bcrypt, Lodash, Bootstrap


Travis CI, PM2, ESLint, Mocha/Supertest, Nodemon, Webpack, Git, Bash, Zsh, DataGrip, Mongo Compass, Excel, Tableau, Adobe Creative Suite, NGINX, Snyk


A Gentle Introduction to tmux

Medium / Hackernoon

tmux lets you tile window panes in a command-line environment. This, in turn, allows you to run and keep an eye on multiple programs within one terminal. This guide will go through the installation and basic usage of tmux to get you up and running.

How-To: Vim Functionality with Sublime Looks

Medium / Hackernoon

Just because you are using a command line editor does not mean you should have to do a time warp back to the days of green screen CRTs. This guide will walk through the process of setting up Vim to achieve a more Sublime-like experience.


Spring Rewards

Jan 2016 - present

Spring connects your digital channels with in-store results using your customers' own credit and debit cards.

▸ Converted complex Excel report to a web application by merging data from multiple PostgreSQL databases and Salesforce reports. Deployed to EC2 with Express, MongoDB, Node, PM2, and NGINX as a reverse proxy.

▸ Wrote Node.js app to POST Salesforce accounts to the Zendesk API, after an external consultant was unable to find a migration path.

▸ Developed a front end interface for generating missing transaction cURL POST statements using Javascript, CSS, HTML. Adopted by all Member Services team members due to the significant process improvement created.

▸ Manually load Square transactions batch reports on behalf of a major national partner using a series of SQL and Python scripts. Based on workflow originally created by our internal data scientist.

▸ Created a series of SQL reports to check transaction feed status for merchants and credit partners ( Visa, MasterCard, AMEX).

▸ Escalate technical bugs or other production issues/enhancements directly to the head of development using Pivotal Tracker for road mapping in future sprints.

▸ Onboard and trained new employees in CLI workflow for setting up hostname config files per IT guidelines, SSH key creation and connections, Psql usage, and posting cURL POST statements to internal API.

SunGard (Now FIS)

Sep 2013 - Jan 2016

Provide leading software and IT services to institutions in virtually every segment of the financial services industry.

▸ Acted as the primary point of contact for a set of large institutional investment banks, conducting top-day incident management related to post-trade derivatives clearing for Stream Clearvision, a real-time middle-office trade matching, allocation, and acceptance system.

▸ Developed web-based FIXML message parser to expedite issue investigation by internal teams. Also shared with overseas QA team for training purposes.

▸ Road-mapped multi-month upgrade implementations for several institutional clients. Created Gantt charts, confirmed completion of UAT testing, and ensured internal resources were available for on-call assistance during production go-live dates.

▸ Conducted bi-weekly review meetings with management of assigned clients. Completed a full case history review and presented it to the client which led to a 43% and 76% reduction in open cases two months after transitioning into the two main clients. Subsequently assigned two additional clients to oversee.

▸ Collaborated with a project manager to support her in creating a series of Excel VBA macros in order to help format and migrate a large dataset off of a previous Lotus Notes based system to an internal cloud based solution.

▸ Created and followed through on change requests and feature enhancements for specific software products, assist the client in BRD documentation.

▸ Carried out on-site client training of product installation, upgrading, issue management, and basic Oracle SQL SELECT statement overview.